User Research
User research is the methodic study of target users—including their needs and pain points.

User research is the lifeblood of any product organization, and learning from your customers through a thoughtful UX research program is essential for product evolution. This user research template is a great way to to keep track of all your research in one place, from user outreach, to scheduling usability testing sessions and customer interviews, to synthesizing your findings into a research report, to integrating with the product development process and suggesting features to address user needs.

This UX research template is flexible enough to work with any design process or research technique, whether quantitative or qualitative in nature. Perhaps you're doing user testing or user interviews in a lab, with recording equipment, tree testing, card sorting, and ethnographic studies. Or perhaps you're doing usability testing or A/B testing in your app directly. With this template, you can centralize your results, and easily search, sort, filter and categorize to reveal insights.

Lastly, with a variety of views, your team of UX researchers and designers need only see the information that is most relevant to them. Use the calendar view to see upcoming interviews. Take a look at the kanban view to track different features by status in the product development pipeline. Or group user experience insights by category to reveal insights. The sheer amount of information you collect in user research can be overwhelming, but with this template, your team will be able to stay on track.

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