Customer Support
Track all your customer requests in one place and build automated workflows to speed up your resolution

Boost your customers' satisfaction

With the Customer Support (Helpdesk) template, your clients always come first. Standardize your customer service to achieve a high level of quality, set deadlines, gather all of the necessary information in one place and boost customer satisfaction as a whole.

Don't let any information slip away

Standardization is the key to an efficient process. Through screening, solving, escalation and paused phases of the process, you maintain visibility over your end-to-end operation and can easily identify bottlenecks. Labels help to categorize what is relevant and SLAs make sure that no information is overlooked.

Conditional and mandatory fields ensure that the team will receive the exact information they need to perform the best service. Everyone benefits from a standardized process, providing speed of execution and quality of response.

Choose the data you want to track

Pipe Reports allow you to check data such as time spent per ticket and how much time each card spends in each phase, providing great insights for your company.

In addition to the reports, you can create customized Dashboards with the information you want to track. Dashboards allow you to create charts and view data in a variety of ways, such as Customer Support metrics and how many orders each team member has solved.

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Integrate with the tools you use

This app can connect to almost any database and any service that has REST APIs. A growing library of native integrations makes it even easier to connect to any data source.
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