Request Management
Tired of receiving requests on different platforms? Wasting a lot of time answering the same questions for different clients?

Less work for your team, better service for your clients

Streamline your process, eliminate repetitive work, and provide a high-level service to your customers.

With the free Request Management template, you will have everything you need to organize and efficiently manage your clients’ requests and orders. Stop toggling between tools and collect them in a centralized way, by sending online public forms to your internal or external clients.

No more wasting time answering clients’ questions about their request status and notifying them when it moves to the next process phase.

No matter your industry, the Request Management template will help you easily organize, centralize, and manage all your requests in one place.

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Integrate with the tools you use

This app can connect to almost any database and any service that has REST APIs. A growing library of native integrations makes it even easier to connect to any data source.
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