Recruitment Process
Standardize and automate your recruitment process and never lose a star candidate again

Focus on recruiting the best candidates

Receiving applications by email, processing resumes and scheduling interviews can be overwhelming when you don’t have the right tools in place. Stop recruiting employees in a manual and repetitive way. Use recruiting template to streamline your workflow and reduce the risk of error, latency and inability to compete in the high-stakes game of recruiting.

From receiving applications to processing documents, a standardized operation can help you recruit with agility. Nodezap's appcan be customized to fit any team or industry. Organize and prioritize resumes, schedule interviews, and respond to candidate inquiries all in a single place. Automate repetitive steps, like sending emails, and empower your team to work quickly without jeopardizing the candidate experience.

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Integrate with the tools you use

This app can connect to almost any database and any service that has REST APIs. A growing library of native integrations makes it even easier to connect to any data source.
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