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No-code Workflow Automation, BPM, and Internal Tools Platform. Nodezap will help you transform the way your teams work and enable them to deliver better results.
January 7, 2022
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Product updates

Today we are releasing Nodezap (Beta), and we are super excited!

We’ve spent the past year building Nodezap to make it easy for teams to build internal tools, automate workflows & business processes, reduce errors, and improve efficiency across their organization. Nodezap enables teams to organize and control the entire operation from one place.

Our mission at Nodezap is to democratize software development. Every business has different goals. Enabling teams with the right tools to get work done is critical.

But many teams don’t have access to perfect software. Off-the-shelf solutions aren’t customized to solve their unique problems, and writing new software is expensive and time-consuming.

We are working on a new way: Any team, no matter their technical ability, can create customized software to solve their exact, unique problems. We’re building towards a platform that everyone can use, create powerful, mission-critical software that accelerates their teams and businesses.

What can you do on Nodezap?

Nodezap is a no-code cloud platform for Workflow Automation, BPM, and Internal Tools.

Teams use Nodezap to Integrate end-to-end operations and increase efficiency with custom workflows and automation on a secure cloud platform.

Nodezap can easily integrate with your existing tech stack, connect to most databases and REST APIs. You can control and manage the entire operation from one place.

Some of the sample use cases include - Admin panels, No-code Backends, Dashboards, Inventory management, Vendor management, Customer onboarding, Custom payment workflows, HR, and Finance workflows. On Nodezap, you can build completely custom solutions.

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Why did we build Nodezap?

The story starts before Nodezap, where I was leading product and engineering in a logistics company. We had developed two consumer-facing mobile apps and one web app.

What does it take to run this system?

A lot, at least in our case. To manage the overall operations - we had to build dozens of internal tools, admin panels, dashboards, and workflows. We were also using about 45 different SaaS products, which created silos of data and intelligence.

With time, the overall system became unmanageable with so many tools and associated complexity. No one in the team knew how everything worked. We tried growing the engineering team to help us manage the system and to develop the software faster. But, building great developers teams was equally challenging. It took a lot of time and effort to grow the team.

But, having a larger team never really solved the core problem. We ended up spending as much time and effort into building and managing these internal tools and workflows as the actual customer-facing products. The overall complexity slowed down our ability to iterate and ship faster. It was frustrating!

After researching and trying a dozen tools out there and talking to dozens of founders, I realized one thing - none of those tools gave a clean pane-of-glass from where we can organize and control the entire operation.

That is how I realized teams needed a better solution. A unified platform that enables teams to organize and control the entire operation from one place with custom Workflow Automation, BPM, and Internal tools.

The support from the community is overwhelming

We are a small team, and we are working hard to get the product ready! Nodezap has been live for a few weeks now, and we are getting dozens of companies signing up every week.

Thank you so much!


We have shipped believing Nodezap will help you transform the way your teams work and enable them to deliver better results. We can’t wait to see what you will do on Nodezap. Now it’s your turn!

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