Nodezap makes it easy to build admin panels, dashboards, and utilities on your BigQuery data.
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Connecting Nodezap to BigQuery takes just a few minutes, and lets you to quickly build internal tools like admin panels, dashboards on your BigQuery data.

Nodezap lets you use SQL Queries to manage the data in BigQuery. For example, you can pull analytics data for a user and render it side by side you app data from MongoDB. Nodezap supports both reading to and writing from BigQuery. With Nodezap's prebuilt logic blocks, you can also build custom logic to manipulate the data.

Join any datasets
Nodezap connects to most databases and anything with a REST API. For example, you can read in data from DynamoDB, join it via SQL, and POST the result to Stripe to refund. Nodezap enables teams to work on all of the data in one place.
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